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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  September 15, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:00. our big story at 4:00 the san bruno gasine explosion. it today governor arnold scored center is that the explosion site and right now was touring the damage. christine conley joins us live from the command post with the latest on the investigation. >> there is a flurry of activity going on now the governor speaking moments ago as you see here. a lot of the officers walking up the hill after listening to the governor speak. we just saw his limo it was in the press more neighborhood in just moved out to the neighborhood a few minutes ago. this is the governors for stop to this neighborhood since the blast occurred on thursday. but to listen to what he had to >> say> i think the important
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thing now is to investigate we have the investigators here to find out exactly what happened we know so far on hundred foot pipe blew up we don't know exactly why it if something was missing or was weak or something. i think that's why what we have to hold the area often secured so investigators can go through because some important thing is sets of the lead this does never happen again. >> so the governor is getting an update on the latest on the investigation meanwhile the ntsb said they're constructing a time line of how pg&e crews reacted determining why it took them nearly two hours to turn off the gas that fueled the blaze and burn down these homes. they're trying to determine if it's a catastrophic failure with a 30 in. pipe or a small leak that was looking for some time. the ntsb said earlier they received over 60 e-mail's one of them talking about the smell of a gas leak but that was several weeks
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before the explosion. piccinni's said they've gone through all of their records the days before the explosion in their records didn't have any reports of gas leaks. that's the very latest on the scene and the governor and then speaking and now getting a tour of the area. reporting live in san bruno kron 4 news. >> investigators are looking into the wealth of this piece of pipe that blew in sambar knowledge show you why and google earth. this is where the explosion have been work going to take this fall and fly on in the pipe that went underground here went from a dime or slope on the street and curved back up to an opera's slow. investigators believe in order to negotiate this very adept small three or 4 ft. pieces were welded together to create the curve. it also had a well the scene at the bottom of the pipe investigators are looking at one of those weld's failed. >> some streets were the worst destruction happen are slowly reopening to the public giving us a fresh view of the fire's
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destruction. marin kelly went to the 2700 block of concord way that's for three homes were burned to the ground. she is as of close look at one of them. >> i'm told by people in the neighborhood what's left of this house is belongs to a a a a a ar the '60s mustang sitting in the driveway the windows had been blown out the paint job blistered and burned away in some spots. this car is acting good shape in comparison to the one that's in his grosz let me give you a better look. when i zoom here you're going to see rusty's worst thing in the middle of the screen that's what's left of the window. this is a '50s fully restored chevy that the justice this year was sitting in this side of the crash and now it's under a pile of rubble. does very little left of this house that's recognizable just a file cabinet that was and is grosz some cookbooks and magazines started
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on the floor everything else charred wood and twisted metal. marin kelly kron 4 news. >> this city of antioch is the latest entity in the bay area to join the effort to form a regional radio network. it the network would put all the first responders and agencies on the same page as they respond to disaster like the one in san bruno. rob it explains what it is and how works. >> i tried to find a command agency that's working in so far no luck. >> the san bruno fire and explosion was the class a foot event which required mutual aid response. but because each generally has its own radio frequencies communicating with each other was a challenge. the idea behind the creation of regional radio network system is that first responders and others could tune their radios to the same frequency upon arrival saving valuable time and resources.
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>> the idea is that will be a multi agency multi disciplined approach to i management. regardless of what is or what any these are involved will have the ability to have commented vacation. >> it cannot be cut off from other agencies in an emergency like what happened in san bruno. it the city of antioch is going to buy 225 new real so everyone from fire fighters to animal control to talk to each other. shellfire jim crawford said the improved communications could even save lives. >> that's are intended go with this as were building up the in bridge structure is to provide better customer service and better public safety. >> crawford said the regional radio network is a work in progress but because of tight cjd take years to complete. it will happen in san bruno is a wake-up c,tv for cities likeañ19uñoé7éd c,gt the cal fire headquarters in
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>> stay with kron 4 news is that we will continue our coverage of this stamford a gas line explosion you also went ahead to website to find out how you can help with the donation efforts. >> a couple live looks outside let's start at the golden gate bridge sunny skies here forcing some fog remaining along the coast. i look from our mount tam cam gorgeous sunny skies for most of the bay area. temperatures of the same as were we were yesterday a couple of degrees warmer in some spots. 79 degrees in santa rosa, 73 now bought upper '70's low 80's for inland spots and still " close to the coastline and just about seven degrees in the south bay.n see the fog cut in the coastline here but broken up to the north and broke into the south. the fog will not be quite as extensive these evening that's mainly for inland spots. it will push into the bay shores by a result there today. patchy fog
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more morning similar temperatures but big changes coming out this weekend as we get a chance of showers and the bay area both saturday and sunday. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a few minutes. >> the grass fire and over and that is under control now, you see the location on our map. the fire grew to 4 a. before was brought under tcontrol. no homes were in danger. let's take a midweek check of traffic this is the golden gate bridge no sign of the fog just get the red is that of your screen is traffic at northbound into marin county will been quite well but quite a different story on the left as traffic moving in san francisco at the toll gate and it is sluggish. we'll be right back.
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market? >> five week highs september is going great to carried this month may be the end of this segment a five week high. health-care companies and analysts came out said they look incredibly cheap so names i keyman the and some of the health-care providers for sales were pretty good. tech did well today which is nice and again it's not a lot of action on wall street so feels like were drifting higher an unexpected room were going to drift lower. we don't have a catalyst at catalyst would be great job numbers or hotter economy but were pretty convinced it's going to be a double dip recession a couple of weeks will get a little depressed and trends will go lower. >> housing numbers there is an analyst second today and say it's going to be another three years before the market hits the bottom due to foreclosures. this is a broad call across all of the united states. i think it's time to be sober and know there's a lot of foreclosures
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that are coming on the market and it's a buyer's market not a seller's market you don't have to pay full price. >> more homes are being built that's what blows me away is the inventory is so huge a morbid homes are being built? >> were not going to lose more than half the $400 billion that's a good problem to have appeared our government's 3 the agency are supporting housing because companies like fannie mae are helping flood the market with cheap mortgages. when they take that away it's going to hurt and were going to pay the piper eventually. i believe the analyst is great for 2015 is about the right time for housing to stabilize and normalize and to get all the inventory watch out of the system. we also got california numbers especially coastal doing well. the starting to recover i'd stay away from inland california. the further inland the more looks like there's you
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have states and has to my problems. >> what can we live and learn from the san bruno explosion? >> as an investor you can take advantage of the opportunity. when were reporting bombs in terrace and house is burning down stock to drop its already recovered. the second thing you learn is you have to update your insurance on occasion because weird things happen in houses burned down on top of that of there's a third thing we can learn make sure you update your will and have the proper life insurance because these people in san bruno got hit by cosmic boss pierre this so quickly life is over and children may remain not able to go to college if the parents of life insurance or not. >> alright rob will be right back.
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a live look at side from the bay bridge toll plaza sunny skies here and for most of the bay area forcing a little bit of fog close to the coast line. this weekend at though it's exactly
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different thanre seeing now. friday was the clouds demand temperatures were pulled but saturday into sunday things will really cool and will have the chance of rain. little bit later in the day on saturday and a little earlier on sunday and cool tablatures. let's talk about tomorrow morning. it we do have fog lingering at the coast of this hour into tomorrow up and down the coastline into the bay shore is there really that set the fog will not be at this extensive as what we saw today. it will linger in the same spot for the morning sun at 9:00 a.m. it has a move that much. at 11:00 a.m. finally peeling back to the coastline and by noon fog up and down the coast and we could see sunbreaks. temperatures virtually the same couple of degrees of warming here and there appeared our inland spots in the low 80's 80 in at the same thing in santa rosa, 65 and 7 cisco, 7 is for the shores and '70s in the south bay. the re we talked about a moment ago let's get a look at future cast 11:00 a.m. on saturday rain showing up at
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rain really looks like it was stay to the north but there's a chance of light showers into sunday morning bay area wide. will remain tame the chance of showers to the day on sunday not expecting a lot of rain with the storm though. most of that will stick to the north. our extended forecast into friday we should on this over one day its saturday and sunday were going to see that reigned late saturday into early sunday but things will dry out into next week. >> turning now to decision 2010 republican meg whitman is making a campaign stop in san francisco right now. she's talking with employees at yelped. yesterday she was in culver city where she challenger claimed jerry brown when he was governor. she said brown raise spending by 120% from 1975 to 1983. however economists say that number is
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not measured correctly. meanwhile the tea party movement notched forward it is moved into two more victories in tuesday's primary election. one of those winning candidates is that to bring a sigh of relief to the democrats. >> in the midterm election this november republicans are focusing on the number 10. if that's how many more seats they need to win control the senate. >> ladies and gentlemen the people of delaware have spoken. (cheering) >> this woman just made their job more difficult. if republican strategists call christine the o'donnell on electable. if >> i have to tell you we were looking at 89 seats in this senate were now looking at 728. >> o'donnell when the senate nomination in dallas erica with the backing of the tea party at the republican party she advocates abolishing social security medicare and the department of education. o'donnell defaulted on their
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mortgage defaulted honor student loans and has been called a fraud by her former campaign manager. nevertheless she upset longtime congressman michael castle would been a heavy favorite to fill of vice- president biden's senate seat. the tea parties other winning candidate where is the new york 4 million are won the republican nomination for governor he has proposed turning prisons into housing for welfare recipients where he says they can be taught basic hygiene. he is also been caught e-mail in racist two suspects are in custody this evening after man was shot dead and another man was attacked the same home. authorities say it happened after an apparent robbery about 11:00 last night on the 2000 to block in the city's bayview district. the man killed was identified as 57 year-old dennis dickson he was shot after entering the front door of his home. his relatives of those inside the home was a salted t t t t t t t t t t t t n
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francisco is 36 homicide this year. nearly a thousand workers at the hilton hotel in san francisco union square where voting on whether not to strike. the vote has over stalled contract negotiations the workers are among 9000 san francisco hotel workers were been without a new contract since august of 2009. the hilton workers union says there arguing against proposed increases and workloads health-care costs and the freezing of pensions. voting results are expected tonight. >> we have a programming note to tell you about tomorrow nbc will air the giants game and tron will air nbc programming. at 8:00 p.m. on kron 4 if you can catch this season premiere of the apprentice. that will be followed by a special edition of the kron 4 news at 10:00. we'll be right back.
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time now to take a look at rob black females the first ones coming from indy should i take my retirement as a lump-sum of
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$550,000 or $1,800 monthly? let me guess eton hundred dollars a month. >> depends ultimately let's double that: a million dollars and 3600 she's getting a 3.6 rate of return may be a little bit less in the scenario. if you could live off that that safety $1,800 a month. if you can't live off that you need to take the lump-sum ultimately sheets to a budget grow what else he's going to get as far as social security in its enough go safety. >> can you take the lump sun and rain to reinvest it. if >> $1,800 doesn't cover your costs then take the 550 work a little longer and reinvest at 550. >> shirley asked to get earthquake insurance? >> my advice on that always insure which you can afford to lose. you and i have health care if we get sick with cancer and knock on wood for what appeared were out of a job or sycamore coughing or taking six months to
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recover we lose massive amount of wages. i only be 2 percent of my house. the burns down i don't care it's the banks. when it's paid off it's my problem. in shore things you can afford to lose if you have life insurance in case you get killed you get disability in cacacacacacacacact earthquake insurance you that you have the house that it often a big earthquake hits or gas pipeline blows up you may get $6,600 that's were that it should draw insurance kicks up another notch. >> i imagine it's like a flood insurance sold should new gauge where you live the likelihood of an earthquake if your inland not as likely necessarily. >> you're right about that. i was going after the insurer which you can't afford to lose if you live on a fault line in uniform and katrina the abuse 60¢ on the dollar but that's not what to make you whole. i don't
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have earthquake insurance i don't know my house at right because i don't i don't have that insurance. it was paid out about right and consider the earthquake insurance. >> alright you consent rob black and e-mail at rob at rob black .com i inherited my father's '69 norton commando.
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live from the bay area's new station this is kron 4 news @ 4:03 p.m. at 4:30 p.m. for the first time governors ford snigger visited the damaged areas of san bruno and just moments ago he wrapped up a news conference talking about his reaction to the incident. kron 4 kate thompson was there she joins us live with the latest. kate. >> the governor was here late this


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